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Buy Desktops Online At Placewell Retail

Old is Gold, a saying goes well for the Desktop Category of Placewell Retail. The first machine or Computers all of us had hands on is Desktops. Steady, longer life, hardy, dream machine is how we have learnt to call desktops which form a integral part of our life

Shop online for Desktops at Placewell Retail

Great choice for beginners, Desktops comprises of a CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and two power cables.  When it comes to buying of desktops brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple – IMac, All –in- ones are the first options to consider.

HP World, Dell Store, Lenovo Exclusive, Apple Store – all under one roof and one domain is what Placewell Retail is. Check from the most updated options of Desktops on our domain and visit our stores at Siliguri and City Centre, if u happen to be nearby, to feel, touch and experience what we have to offer for you.

When laptops have a span of 3 years as life cycle, desktops are known to live for 7 years and more with a very nominal expenditure in maintaining them. With options of 19”, 21”, 23”, 24” TFT, end customer has a wide range of displays to choose from.

All in ones are now the newer form of desktops evolving in the market and brands are pushing buyers towards them as it is perceived that the tower desktops will be taken over by All –in-ones and the future is not tower traditional desktop but AIO’s

Placewell Retail offers to end customers the most varied range of Pc’s , Desktops, CPU, AIO’s to select from brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, HCL, Apple, Acer with attractive prices and National Brand warranties.