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Buy Apple iPhone-6 3G, 4.7 inch screen LED-backlit IPS LCD display, 8 MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth. Available at : Mobiles
  • How to Fix iPhone 6 Water Damage - Placewell Retail

    How to Fix iPhone 6 Water Damage

    The biggest nightmare of every phone user is accidently dropping phone into water and if your phone is very expensive like iphone6 then this will be the worst thing for anyone.

    You may be the lucky one who prevented smart phone from water damage but, still you can help other to save your friends, family or the phone of someone else. They might be asking you -

    Hey I accidentally dropped my mobile in toilet what to do next?

    What to do if I can’t take out my iPhone battery?

    There are a few ways from which you can follow some quick fix for your iPhone.




    1. Power it Off - Take out your iPhone quickly out of water. Shut it down by pressing the top wake/sleep button for 5 second. By turning your iPhone off you can prevent short circuit in your apple phone.




    2.Open most of ports like SIM card holder of your iPhone. It will help to remove moisture.




    3.Put your phone in uncooked rice or silica for 24 – 48 hours to shock the moisture of your apple iPhone. Till then don’t try to turn it on.

    Follow these 3 steps to remove moisture.

    Detect Water Damage Through LCI water damage detector in iPhone:


    There’s one more thing which can indicate the damage caused by water that is LCI (liquid contact indicators). Check the SIM-card slot, if you see red spot then it indicates your apple iPhone internal parts are damaged due to water inside. If it is still strips are white or silvery in color then no need to worry about.


  • Why you should use iPhone-6 ? - Placewell Retail

    Why you should use iPhone-6 ?

    The iPhone-6 is wonderful gadget developed by the Appleinc for a wide variety of applications which can be used in our various walks of life. It shall enhance your business skills which in turn shall help you in improving your career. Most of all, this iPhone with an A8 chip built on second generation 64 bit desktop class architecture enhances the power capabilities. The incredible power is enhanced by an M8 motion compressor that efficiently measures your activity from advanced sensors including a new barometer. The all new AD chip is the fastest till date and a larger display with a power efficient A8 chip which can sustain higher performance. So, you can play graphic intensive games. You can also enjoy video at higher frame rates for a longer period. It also provides a great battery life.

    When you are in motion, M8 motion compressor measure data from the accelerometer, compass, gyroscope and a new barometer. This offloads work from the A8 chip for better power efficiency. These sensors do even more, measuring your steps , distance and elevation variations. The accelerometer can measure your distance for walking and running too. By using GPS the sensor more accurately captures your movement. In addition to knowing whether you are on the move or stationary M8 works with the gyroscope to detect when you are driving. It also kicks into action when you are taking panoramic photos or playing games.

    Equipped with Apple pay and near field communication antenna that allows to tap your phone against a sensor to make payments. Credit cards from visa, master card and American express can be linked to your phone’s passbook. iPhone-6 is advantageous from security point of view too. Your card information is encrypted and each transaction has onetime payment number. In the event the phone is lost the payment can be cancelled. The iPhone-6 has an 8 mega pixel insight camera, a 5 u pixel sensor and f/2.2 aperture lens. Cameras focus faster and better video and slow motion functions. With it you can take burst selfies taking 10 photos per second.

    Another advantage of iPhone-6 is it has air pressure sensor to tell you at what elevation you are. That will help you to record your fitness activity. The fitness data can be stored, accessed and analyzed in the phones newly built Health app a hub to record your health data. The phone is faster making fit for better roaming capabilities. We are trying to modify the keyboard to enable typing easier. Sky guide the most usable thrilling apps of its kind would help you to dive deep into the facts and meander into the mysteries of space. iPhone-6  can be handled single handedly. Simply double touch the home button to shift the screen down close to your thumb. Once you make the selection, it would conveniently slide back up to its natural position. No second hand is required.

    The screen of iPhone is great and colour accuracy is outstanding. Whether you are watching a movie or flicking through your holiday snaps. The screen displays colours in its natural texture. The speaker manages to be louder and clearer than most of the advanced iPhones. It is good for listening to movies or music even if you haven’t got your headphones handy.


  • How iPhone-6 can help you professionally - Placewell Retail

    How iPhone-6 can help you professionally

    In the vast arena of business activities we need smarter tools to cope with the ever increasing loads which are time consuming and physically tiresome. iPhone-6 provides some of the best tools to cope with these kind of situations. Here are some tips to enable you to know about some of the apps. This can help you in offloading your cumbersome workloads and also increase your efficiencies.

    iPhone-6 very helpful to those in the field of sound recording. The applications of this phone help the performers and sound recording engineers in getting the maximum out of this gadget. As per the opinions of sound recording engineers the most essential parts of a good recording is selecting and using the right microphone. In the world of acoustics, capturing the audio of a space shuttle launch is one of the most dynamic and challenging events. The applications of iPhone-6 has been arranged in such a way that it can record the most subtle sound emanating from the launch of space shuttles.

    Business insurance is another field where iPhone-6 works wonders enabling you to process mobile claims applications by making best use of business intelligence. These apps have the capability to attract the customers who are most profitable. The iPhone-6is able to use thousands of apps to increase productivity and work in a smarter way. The latest business apps use to the full advantage of a special iOS capabilities like iPhone-6. The business application software can carry out business related functions like accounting and payroll with ease. A payroll app is helpful in preparing a time sheet. It provides input data which from its side calculate an employee’s salary. In this way you can get a pay check.

    Fusebill is another app which is helpful to you in innovative and creative work in the field of sales. With this app you can create a new package within hours instead of days and weeks. Fusebill provides you with flexible sales and marketing techniques . There are also task management tools by which you can enhance your efficiency and quantum of work. One of them is the Podio which is helpful in organizing and connecting with the field on which you are working. It helps in managing your projects and even customers whom you are naming. The work is systematized and well structured which in turn helps your staff to keep abreast with their responsibilities. At the same time you are aware about the whole going around you. This app provides you with a transparent, flexible tool which helps in better performances. You can connect with the various parts of a project simultaneously. More than five lakhs of companies are using Podio most successfully.

    All things is another app which helps in increasing productivity with better management skills and distribution of work within a particular team. People working on projects know what work they are carrying out and what would be their next work. They know what is the work they would have to do the next. Dynamic teams can use scrum, kanban in managing their backlog and sprints. Managers get full control over workloads and projects from a higher perspective. Apple mobile are also benefited from flexible reporting tools that keep tab over the progress.

  • How business apps helps you in increasing your productivity

    How business apps helps you in increasing your productivity


    iPhone 6 Placewell RetailTo make best use of iPhone-6 you may use profitably a variety of external apps although the Apple’s own specialized apps are available in the market for business purposes. These apps will help you in well organizing your tasks for your business needs. This would help you in managing your professional calendar, your dictate voice memos, iTunes.

       There are certain business tools which will serve well in managing your daily tasks.

    Genius scan: These apps will help you in keeping records of various receipts, business cards and other related documents. It would take care of your related papers until you return to your office. The apps with the help of iPhone-6 camera help in scanning short documents. These then can be sent through E-mail.


    Dragon dictation: This apps has the capability to convert your voice memos into text. It is useful in preparing e-mails fast, text messages and also it is able to update your profiles in Facebook and Twitter accounts. The apps is able to recognise maximum words but for that you have to speak with less speed and pronounce them properly.


    Drop box: is a well known site for the purpose of online storage and file synchronization. It can be downloaded to serve your professional and business needs. This app provides free online storage of 2GB and the ability to synchronize documents between computers and its application devices.


    Bento: Bento will help you in organizing your professional and business needs including personal life. Various templates used by these apps can by regularly used by you. They include due dates, priorities and other items. These templates can also be used for organizing projects,inventory and expenses. With an efficient interface it helps you to communicate very efficiently with your subordinates.


    Evernote : This apps serve well the persons whose essential part of professional need is taking notes. For this purpose just you have to do is to check out Evernote. This tool wills l make your organizing system and challenges of note taking interesting like a game. If these apps is attached to powerful tools for example audios, photos  and location datas, it works wonders. Even more, If you add automatic web synchronizing activity to your devices the net   result is a powerful tool which helps you a lot.


    Voice brief: For busy professional persons Voice brief is a latest apps in the field o f computer world which has the capability to voice process a text. In this way it will help you in reading to you the latest news, weather forecasts, and stock market swings and a lot more concerning your daily life.          



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