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iPhone 6 Water Damage

  • How to Fix iPhone 6 Water Damage - Placewell Retail

    How to Fix iPhone 6 Water Damage

    The biggest nightmare of every phone user is accidently dropping phone into water and if your phone is very expensive like iphone6 then this will be the worst thing for anyone.

    You may be the lucky one who prevented smart phone from water damage but, still you can help other to save your friends, family or the phone of someone else. They might be asking you -

    Hey I accidentally dropped my mobile in toilet what to do next?

    What to do if I can’t take out my iPhone battery?

    There are a few ways from which you can follow some quick fix for your iPhone.




    1. Power it Off - Take out your iPhone quickly out of water. Shut it down by pressing the top wake/sleep button for 5 second. By turning your iPhone off you can prevent short circuit in your apple phone.




    2.Open most of ports like SIM card holder of your iPhone. It will help to remove moisture.




    3.Put your phone in uncooked rice or silica for 24 – 48 hours to shock the moisture of your apple iPhone. Till then don’t try to turn it on.

    Follow these 3 steps to remove moisture.

    Detect Water Damage Through LCI water damage detector in iPhone:


    There’s one more thing which can indicate the damage caused by water that is LCI (liquid contact indicators). Check the SIM-card slot, if you see red spot then it indicates your apple iPhone internal parts are damaged due to water inside. If it is still strips are white or silvery in color then no need to worry about.


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