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How To Be a Genius: The All Apple Training

It's a penetrating glimpse inside Apple: intellectual proficiency—you've never seen anything like it. 

Welcome to the very essence of Apple Genius training: a whirling alloy of technical expertise and thoughts aligned from a self-help forum. Delve into the fundamentals of iMac, iPad, MacBook, iPhone, or iPod. Learn something unique by taking a free workshop at Placewell Retail.

The point of this bootcamp is to fill you up with Genius Actions and Style, listed conveniently on a "What" and "How" list.

"We endeavor to motivate," "We embellish your soul," "We take special action to make it right".

You will be instructed by folks who genuinely know Apple devices and are keen to share their intelligence with you. So count on taking up good deal of tips and tricks.

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